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Communication for mass advertising campaigns

You may contact the CNMV to resolve any queries on aspects related to Circular 1/2022 on crypto-asset advertising at the following email address controlpublicidadcriptos@cnmv.es

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The attached form corresponds to the standard form required by the section two of Rule 7 of Circular 1/2022, dated 10 January, of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), regarding advertising of crypto-assets presented as a means of investment/for investment purposes.

This communication document must be submitted by the regulated entities, identified in Rule 4 of the aforementioned Circular, when the circumstances set out in section one of Rule 6 of the aforementioned Circular arise.

Section A of the form must identify the natural or legal person submitting the communication. If this person is a person other than the entity which is the subject of the advertisement or the issuer of the advertised product, the latter shall be identified in sub-section B).

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  • All fields must be filled in, even if "not applicable".
  • Once all the information has been filled in and the files (at least one) have been uploaded, the option to generate the communication in pdf format will be enabled.
  • The pdf file will include all the information entered and the hashes of the uploaded files.
  • It must be signed digitally or by hand and scanned before uploading.
  • A registration number is generated on entry which is provided on screen or, ideally, is embedded in the document and can be downloaded.
  • A registration number is generated at the entry of the shipment made that is incorporated into the acknowledgment of receipt that will be received by email, it can also be viewed on the screen and downloaded

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